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Getting Started

Triangle Adoption Services is happy to provide an initial consultation by phone at no cost or obligation. As an adoption agency that specializes in the home study and post placement services only, we can provide a high quality home study service at a very reasonable rate. We provide easy access to our fee schedule on our website because we know that adoption expenses are an important issue for families.

Document Checklist

Required Documents for completing the Home Study

What documents are required to complete an adoptive home study?

_                         *Application and Service Agreement

*Birth Certificates on adoptive applicants and children (a clear copy is acceptable)

__                              *Marriage Certificate (a clear copy is acceptable)

__                              *Divorce Decree if applicable (a clear copy is acceptable)

__                              *Income Verification first 2 pages of most current IRS form 1040

__                              *2 Months of Bank Statements

__                              *Proof of Health Insurance

__                              *Budget Worksheet (included in packet)

__                              *Medical form completed for every person, including children, living in home

__                              *Criminal background checks for those persons over 18 in the home

__                              *Five letters of references sent directly to Triangle Adoption Services

*“Responsible Individuals” form completed and signed by applicant

Additional documentation may be required depending on your placement agency requirements. We work closing with your placement agency and attorney to ensure your home study will satisfy their requirements.