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Getting Started

Triangle Adoption Services is happy to provide an initial consultation by phone at no cost or obligation. As an adoption agency that specializes in the home study and post placement services only, we can provide a high quality home study service at a very reasonable rate. We provide easy access to our fee schedule on our website because we know that adoption expenses are an important issue for families.

Adoption Education

Adoption Education

Triangle Adoption Services believes in the importance of having well informed adoptive families. Adoption education begins with the first questions asked by a prospective adoptive parent and continues throughout the adoption journey, including after the child joins your family. Adoption training creates more prepared, confident parents who understand their child’s unique needs and are better able to meet the challenges and joys of parenting an adopted child. Education also helps families and children achieve greater satisfaction with the overall adoption experience throughout the life span.  We have included a list of resources so that you can easily browse and choose the topics that are most relevant to your situation.

Prior to completion of a home study through Triangle Adoption Services, adoptive parents are encouraged to complete a minimum of five hours of pre-adoption education. Several options for completing this requirement are available, regardless of the type of adoption being completed.

Domestic and Independent Adoptions and International Adoptions through a Non-Hague Country

For those adopting domestically, internationally from non-Hague countries or adoptions of any other type, the five hours should include education relevant to your particular adoption. For example, genetic counseling for an embryo donation process, medical counseling or research for a child of special needs or legal counseling for some other types of adoption may apply.

International Adoption from a Hague Country

For those adopting internationally, families must address the topics required by the Hague Convention on International Adoption. Fulfilling Hague requirements will take approximately 20 hours. Each of the subject areas must be accounted for in certified hours. Most online adoption education sites will offer the option to obtain a certificate, but it is the responsibility of the person taking any class to verify certification prior to initiating education through any source.  The website offers a Hague Package which includes 5 courses for a total of 10 credit hours of training on core topics required for international adoption by the Hague Convention.

National Council for Adoption Hague Intercountry Adoption Online Training Course


The courses at are well respected and widely used by adoptive parents. Some of their trainings that are recommended for those pursuing a domestic adoption include:

  • Creating an Adoption Profile that Works: Express Yourself and Connect with Birthparents
  • Let’s Talk Adoption: A Lifetime of Family Conversations
  • Conspicuous Families: Race, Culture, and Adoption
  • The Journey of Attachment
  • Finding the Missing Pieces: Helping Adopted Children Cope with Grief and Loss
  • Becoming Your Child’s Best Advocate
  • Lifebooks

Embryo Adoption Awareness Center (

Adoptive Families Magazine (

Adoption Education Classes (

Adoption Education, LLC (

Heart of the Matter Seminars “Because They Waited” series

Other Resources for Adoption Education

Tapestry Books ( offers a large assortment of adoption related books, some of which may be available in your local library. Triangle Adoption Services is happy to help you determine resources for the specific issues you would like to learn more about.

Classes are offered at local hospitals for infant care and Red Cross offers Infant CPR courses which are recommended and will count towards your training hours.