Triangle Adoption Services Fee Schedule

The family is responsible for payment of fees prior to initiation of services. Fees are non-refundable once the service has been initiated. Any expense from an external entity to the agency may increase fees during the process. Payment of fees does not guarantee approval for adoption.

*Checks are made payable to Triangle Adoption Services and are to be mailed to:

Triangle Adoption Services 104 S. Estes Drive Suite 301N Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Application Fee Home Study Services (for all new clients) $ 100
Domestic Infant Home Study Fee $1,300
Surcharge for Home Study for Older Child/Foster Care Adoption $200
Surcharge for Expedited Home Study

(completion 1 week after second interview)

Step-Parent Adoption Home Study and Report to Court $600
Surcharge for International Homes Studies (Non-Hague / Hague) $300
Post-placement Visit and Report (International: $75 surcharge) $300 First report

$275 all other reports

Intensive Case management /Additional Home Visit if required $75/per hour
Home Study Update for Current Client/Previous client $450 / $600
Surcharge for Post-placement if home study was completed by another agency $150 (one time fee)
Court Reports for Adoption or Re-adoption $150 per report
Changes to Finalized Home Study No less than $100 and no more than $200 (based on extensiveness of changes)
Additional copies of Home Study After Approval

(over three)

$ 25 per copy


**Mileage will be charged at the federal IRS mileage rate for travel over 25 miles. Triangle has social workers throughout NC. Check for proximity to your location